What To Do When You Are Depressed

What To Do When You Are Depressed

Well well well, you are one among the hundred since you have realized that you are depressed and looking for a solution. 

Did you know? Most human of this planet fails to identify their own mental state such as they are being in depression. This might happens when one is not trained to be conscious intelligent.

As you might be here for a quick relief from depression and getting relief from depression is also very much easier; only if you are able to identify when and how you become depressed.

So, first of all you need to know how to identify when and how get depressed. And then, you have to practice a simple technique of mental diversion. To elaborate these two steps of getting relief from depression, this guide has be segregated into two sections:

  • Identifying when and how you get depression
  • Getting relief from depression

So, without further delay, lets go the detailed steps.

Identify When and How You Get Depression

Depression is nothing but a state of mind triggered due to certain unwanted thoughts. Unwanted thoughts can be preserved in your memory due to your past experience; say your failure in career, death of your family member or ending of a relationship. All of the good or bad memories become thoughts gradually and all these thoughts are always ready to e engage your mind, if you don’t engage your mind.  

The above paragraph is about how you get depression, i.e. from unwanted thoughts which may load into your brain processor without your cognizance. And you also need to know when you get depressed. Again you get depression when certain physical or mental situation triggers unwanted thoughts (i.e. the thought of depression). Suppose, you recently lost your beloved pet, a blue eyed Siberian husky. Whenever you go through a post of husky playing with their pet parent while browsing social media, you get depressed. In this case, the social media post is triggering your bad thought and once the thought is loaded into your brain processor, you get depression.

 I hope you have get to know a bit of how a when you get depression. Now, it’s the time to relax, think and identify your source thought of depression and proceed to the next section to know how to get relief from depression.

Getting Relief From Depression

Once you have identified your source of depression, its time to run an observer program for your mind, i.e. tracking your mental state to realize when you are depressed. Once you identify you are depressed, its time to practice the simple technique, the mental diversion technique i.e. you have to divert your attention from the depressive thought to another one. Say when you feel depression, remember your goal and keep thinking about it or simply watch a video or listen to music.

So, the most efficient way to get relief from depression is to practice diverting your attention to something else. In another article on understanding our mind, I’ve already elaborate how to engage the mind. If we do not engage our mind, the mind engages us; since, the mind never takes rest and sometimes, the unwanted thought of depression may engage us unconsciously and we feel depressed.


Life is too short but is has unlimited memories and those memories gradually become thoughts and those thoughts defines our identity. If thoughts of depression engage our mind, we identify ourselves as depressed. Similarly, if thoughts of motivation engage us, we identify ourselves as motivated. Our memories or thoughts may identify us, but it’s up to us what kind of memories or thoughts may engage us. And, to engage the mind consciously, we have to conscious about our own thoughts and activities to bring the ultimate state of mind, i.e. the conscious intelligence.

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