How To Stop Unwanted Thoughts

How To Stop Unwanted Thoughts

Do you have the experience of vexation by unwanted thoughts? Perhaps, when you went to speak in public for the first time, an unwanted thought might attack you, “I can’t speak, I am nervous.”

This kind of situation happens with most of the people. Do you know why?

 “Our subconscious mind is always in the recording mode, whatever we encounter through our five senses; all get memorized in the subconscious mind. The memories gradually become thoughts, the thoughts are always ready to pass the gateway of our conscious mind, and whenever thoughts break the gateway forcibly, we experience unwanted thoughts.”

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I hope you have already read: how to Understand the Mind, I have explained the significance of the gateway or the conscious mind; whatever passes through the gateway, loads directly into the primary processing unit of the mind and we experience the reflection of it in the life.

In this article, I shall let you know four effective ways to stop the unwanted thoughts.

4 Ways To Stop Unwanted Thoughts

Here are the four ways to stop unwanted thoughts:

       Digit One on EmojiOne 4.5 Take a Deep Slow Breath

       Digit Two on EmojiOne 4.5 Regulate Your Mental Diets

       Digit Three on EmojiOne 4.5 Engage Your Mind

       Digit Four on EmojiOne 4.5 Practice Mindfulness

Take a Deep Slow Breath

“A deep slow breath has the potential to calm your mind”

This is the easiest solution to stop unwanted thoughts instantly. When you take a deep slow breath through the nose and exhale it slowly through the mouth; you basically diverted your attention from the thoughts to breath, which in turn caused to distract the mind from the unwanted thoughts.

Taking deep slow breath also helps to calm the mind. But, you need to alert yourself when unwanted thoughts attack, you have to recall taking the deep slow breath. By reprogramming your mind through repetition, you can recall it whenever necessary.

Regulate Your Mental Diets

“Unwanted mental diets transform into unwanted thoughts”

We are all are limited by a certain amount of time and energy, if you waste this precious time & energy by providing mental diets irrelevant to your lifestyle, you not only waste the time & energy; but, you also let the irrelevant information to become unwanted thoughts in your life.

As I mentioned already, whatever entered in the subconscious mind gets memorized and becomes thoughts gradually. Suppose, you never had the anxiety to speak in public but, you have watched videos of people having anxiety in public speaking. If you don’t memorize it in the right way, the thoughts of that video might attack you whenever you have to speak in public, because the thoughts of the video may pop up, and let you feel the same way as the person of that video.

Engage Your Mind

“If you don’t engage your mind, memorized thoughts are always ready to engage your mind”

Your mind doesn’t stay in the vacuum, it needs mental activities. When you sleep, only the processing unit of the mind takes rest and you stop experiencing the consciousness. The subconscious mind and the conscious mind are always active, that’s why you can wake up again after a deep sleep.

The subconscious mind is always throwing bulks of thoughts, emotions, information, and senses to the processing unit of your mind. When you learn to filter out the unwanted one through the conscious mind and engage the processing unit in the right direction, you become the controller of your mind.

Practice Mindfulness

“Life is neither in the past nor in the future, only your thoughts let you travel time”

Being attentive to your work is the key to practice mindfulness. The bulks of unwanted thoughts are always ready to let you experience past or future as reality. When you pay attention to the present, you not only control your mind but, you become productive as well.

There are various programs of mindfulness meditation available through the internet. You may choose any of them to make meditation a daily practice so that you can have a peaceful mind to be mindful throughout the day.


You can stop unwanted thoughts when you train your mind to have cognizance of its own. Through self-introspection, you can master the art of controlling unwanted thoughts and hence you become the controller of your mind.

Do you know any interesting technique to stop unwanted thoughts? Please let me know in the comment.  

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