5 Most Practical Ways to Control Your Mind

5 Most Practical Ways to Control Your Mind

Understanding how does your mind work is the first step to control your mind. If you do not know how does the most sophisticated machine on this planet work, can you control it?

Your subconscious mind is always throwing thoughts, emotion, feelings, and senses to the processing unit of your mind. Whatever passes through the gateway of the conscious mind, you experience it as reality.

Your consciousness works in three different states: reflection, analysis, and transcendence. The control of your mind is not in your hand because, your consciousness is merely reflecting, it is unable to filter out the unnecessary thoughts through analysis.

By regulating the thoughts, sensory inputs, feelings, and emotion; you will master the art of controlling your mind. Controlling the mind is combinations of few techniques to regulate your psychological behaviors. In fact, it would be more precise to say “You can regulate your mind, instead of controlling it.”

       ➡ Chapter 1: 4 Steps to Be Your Own Life Coach

       ➡ Chapter 2: How to Understand Your Mind

              👉 Part 1: What is Consciousness?

              👉 Part 2: What is the Subconscious Mind?

              👉 Part 3: You Are Here            

              👉 Part 4: How to Stop Reacting and Start Responding

              👉 Part 5: How to Master Your Mind

       ➡ Chapter 3: Why Do You Need to Be Attentive?

       ➡ Chapter 4: How to Improve Attention

       ➡ Chapter 5: How to Boost Your Intelligence

       ➡ Chapter 6: What is Self-Awareness?

              👉 Part 1: How To Stop Unwanted Thoughts

              👉 Part 2: How to Be Happy

              👉 Part 3: How to Deal With Anxiety & Depression

       ➡ Chapter 7: What is Conscious Intelligence & How to Be Conscious Intelligent

In this article, you will be acquitted with a few natural techniques to control your mind. Before beginning, always remember “Practice is the key to success”, and have to keep practicing until you reach your goal.

5 Ways to Control Your Mind

Here are the five ways to control your mind.
If you don’t like infographic presentation or need detailed ways to control your mind, then continue reading.

5 Ways to Control Your Mind

Engage Your Mind

“If you don’t engage your mind, memorized thoughts are always ready to engage your mind”

Your mind doesn’t stay in the vacuum, it needs mental activities. When you sleep, only the processing unit of the mind takes rest and you stop experiencing the consciousness. The subconscious mind and the conscious mind are always active, that’s why you can wake up again after a deep sleep.

The subconscious mind is always throwing bulks of thoughts, emotions, information, and senses to the processing unit of your mind. When you learn to filter out the unwanted one through the conscious mind and engage the processing unit in the right direction, you become the controller of your mind.

Regulate Your Senses

“The subconscious mind is always in recording mode through five senses, if senses are not regulated, the mind record whatever it wants”

Your mind is not fickle; you have practiced the mind to be fickle for five senses.

We are what we practice.

If you don’t know how to regulate your senses, your mind gets practice of diverting the attention to whatever it encounters through senses.

Whenever unnecessary sensory input hijacks your attention, bring the attention back to whatever you were doing before the distraction.

If you attracted to gender-based physical beauty, next time, when you see a beautiful woman or a handsome man, try to divert your attentive eye & practiced thought, if you want to make a trial to regulate your senses.

Provide Relevant Mental Diets

“Whatever enters the mind becomes thoughts gradually, unwanted mental diets transform into unwanted thoughts”

We all are bound by the cycle of 24 hours a day, when you provide irrelevant mental diets, you not only waste that moment, the mental diets transform itself into thoughts and haunts you in future, that is karma.

If you have watched a horror movie 10 years back, the face of that ghost might haunt you while you walk alone in a dark night. The fictional character is not present in reality,  but your thought is letting you experience as reality.

Identify Your Bad Habits

“Through knowing or unknowing practices, you have developed some good or bad habits which trigger unwanted experiences”

Throughout life, you might have developed many unwanted default thought triggers knowingly or unknowingly. These triggers let you react without your cognizance because your consciousness only reflects whenever those triggers are stimulated.

Suppose, when you see a barking dog, a flying cockroach or breaking news on television, you react to it.

To mastering the control of your mind, you have to convert reactions into responsesby discarding the state of reflecting consciousness and achieving to the state of analytical or transcendental consciousness.

Through self-introspection, you have to identify the corrupted thought triggers, replace the triggers by reprogramming your subconscious through repetition. Thinking to visualize the replacement before going to deep sleep is one of the easiest ways to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Practice Mindfulness

“Life is neither in the past nor in the future, only your thoughts let you travel time”

Being attentive to your work is the key to practice mindfulness. The bulks of unwanted thoughts are always ready to let you experience past or future as reality. When you pay attention to the present, you not only control your mind but, you become productive as well.

There are various programs of mindfulness meditation available through the internet. You may choose any of them to make meditation a daily practice so that you can have a peaceful mind to be mindful throughout the day.


The basic principle of controlling your mind is to engage your mind consciously, through your plans & actions. Practice is the only option in order to acquire the hardest skill in life: i.e. becoming the controller of your mind. While you try to control your mind, you will fail many times, the more you fail, the more you learn. But, one who never gives up, gets success.

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