What is Conscious Intelligence? 4 Ways to Become Conscious Intelligent

What is Conscious Intelligence? 4 Ways to Become Conscious Intelligent

If I have to define conscious intelligence in a single sentence, it is:

Conscious intelligence is a psychological stage where a person is attentive, aware, and conscious enough to run all intelligence skills on autopilot.

The definition of conscious intelligence is a combination of many skills, the skills are:

       One free icon Attention

       Two free icon Self-Awareness

       Three free icon Consciousness

       Four free icon Intelligence

       ➡ Chapter 1: 4 Steps to Be Your Own Life Coach

       ➡ Chapter 2: How to Understand Your Mind

              👉 Part 1: What is Consciousness?

              👉 Part 2: What is the Subconscious Mind?

              👉 Part 3: How to Control Your Mind

              👉 Part 4: How to Stop Reacting and Start Responding

              👉 Part 5: How to Master Your Mind

       ➡ Chapter 3: Why Do You Need to Be Attentive?

       ➡ Chapter 4: How to Improve Attention

       ➡ Chapter 5: How to Boost Your Intelligence

       ➡ Chapter 6: What is Self-Awareness?

              👉 Part 1: How To Stop Unwanted Thoughts

              👉 Part 2: How to Be Happy

              👉 Part 3: How to Deal With Anxiety & Depression

       ➡ Chapter 7: You Are Here

“Intelligence skills run on autopilot” means that the intelligence becomes so sharp that intelligence becomes intuition. There are certain basic characteristic every conscious intelligent person has, the characteristics are:

       One free icon Listening: Active Listener

       Two free icon Speaking: Clarity of thoughts while speaking

       Three free icon Problem-Solving: Solves problems through intuition

       Four free icon Self-Awareness: Have awareness of the self and nature

       Five free icon Personal Power: Have the power to make everybody feel empowered

       Six free icon Lifestyle: Simple and energetic

       Seven free icon Empathy: Great empathy makes them great leaders

       Eight free icon Decision-Making: Able to make collective decisions through global-thinking

       Nine free icon Management: Have the capability involve right people at the right time 

       Ten free icon Leadership: Have the capability to make leaders of leading leaders

These are only a few characteristics to mention for a conscious intelligent person.

Most of the people of the renaissances have these qualities. Nowadays, we only encounter a few people of this kind. Everyone can be conscious intelligent, only devotion towards learning required to become a conscious intelligent. Do you want to be conscious intelligent? If yes, stick to the next section.

4 Ways To Be Conscious Intelligent

To become conscious intelligent, you need to have the self-awareness to recognize the significance of attentiveness, learning, and consciousness.

I have divided the ways to become conscious intelligent into four basic steps;

       Digit One on EmojiOne 4.5 Devotion Towards Learning

       Digit Two on EmojiOne 4.5 Being Attentive Towards Duty

       Digit Three on EmojiOne 4.5 Making Intelligence A Habit Through Rehearsal 

       Digit Four on EmojiOne 4.5 Becoming Aware Of The Self

Devotion Towards Learning

How can anyone learn if he/she has no interest to learn?

But, in reality, everyone learns, an ignorant also learns every day and the most intelligent person also learns every day.

You intelligence depends upon how you learn and what you learn. Basically, if you provide mental diets relevant to your life, you are the intelligent one

We all have 24 hours a day, in the 24 hours cycle, someone dedicated time and energy to learn physics, and he became a physicist. At the same time, two people dedicated time and energy to watch reality shows (fictional). After a year, one became ignorant and the other one became director of another reality show.

If you really want to be a conscious intelligent, we have to understand that we all have limited time and energy, if you utilize this time and energy to provide mental diets relevant to your life, you are on the right path, and otherwise, you are wasting your precious time & energy consciously or unconsciously.

You also need to implement the right way of learning for you. Everyone has different ways of learning, what is your way of learning? Do let me know in the comment.

Being Attentive Towards Duty

What would happen if you start thinking of something else while doing your duty?

Being conscious means you are aware and focused on your work. Suppose, you own a business and reading a book “How to Restructure Your Business”. If you start thinking about restructuring your business while reading, you might fail to understand the essence of the book. And, after reading the book, you are making the restructuring plan of your business; you are also planning the risk management for the business. But, what would happen if you become sad or happy while making the risk plan?

When your attention from your duty wanders away, you have to practice bringing it back, that’s how you can train your mind to be focused on your duty.

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Making Intelligence A Habit Through Rehearsal

When you went to primary school, you were taught to recognize English letters, then English words, and then English sentences. Now you read word by word to understand the English language.

Suppose you are asked to read Chinese, can you read? If you are not familiar with Chinese, you can’t even recognize a single letter. But, through repetition, you have trained your mind to read English intuitively.

Similarly, through repetition, you can intuitively calculate 1+1=2; someone might intuitively calculate 1005+19000. The intuitive calculation also depends upon practice.

Your all intelligence skills can also run intuitively if you practice them for a long period of time just like calculating mathematical problems intuitively. As you are reading this article, I think you have the intelligence analyze each and every line intuitively; you don’t need to tell your mind to analyze it. Similarly, you can make habits of running all intelligence skills intuitively through rehearsal.

Becoming Aware of The Self

In its basic structure, the self consists of the mind & the physical body.

In another article, I have explained self-awareness in detail.

Let me tell you in brief.

The mind has three basic parts, primary processing unit, the gateway programs or the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind.  Whatever passes through the gateway of consciousness, the primary processing unit picks it and process, and we experience the reflection of it.

In the journey of becoming conscious intelligent, you have to make the gateway strong, so that unnecessary thoughts or desires can’t pass the gateway.

Another part of the self is the physical body, which basically lives on oxygen and food. Oxygen and foods are products of nature, every tiny organism and gigantic trees have contributed to provide our physical diets.

Essentially, self-awareness is the art of having cognizance of the mind and the physical nature, through which the driver of life is able to continue the journey of life.


Apart from becoming attentive, self-aware, and conscious; you also need to master the art of controlling unwanted thoughts, anxiety, depression, and become the controller of your mind as well. However, paying attention to whatever you do will be the most essential skill to become conscious intelligence.

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