All You Need To Know About How You Think

All You Need To Know About How You Think

Did you know; why humans are so intelligent than animals?

It is because humans can think consciously. However, all of the humans of this planet are not capable of thinking consciously.

Thinking consciously is also a skill, similar to your driving skill; how could anyone practice a skill that was never practiced?

Most of the people live in the reflective consciousness state for most of the time. This state of immature consciousness leads to unstructured thinking, unstructured thinking is when some information strikes your mind and you start thinking about it unknowingly.

Imagination and thinking are not the same. Thinking rewinds the information already stored in the memories of subconscious mind; but, imagination creates new cognitive maps, new information. Imagination can also be unstructured; some people might imagine an image of ghost unknowingly when something scary encounters them.

Basically, thinking can be structured or unstructured and humans can think in form of images or sound.

In this article, I shall let you know how you think through two sections:

     ✔ Two Types of Information Used for Thinking

     ✔ The Two Ways You Think

Without further delay, let’s get acquitted with how humans think in detail.

Two Types of Information Used for Thinking

Our subconscious mind is the storage for information. The subconscious mind is always in the recording mode to collect information through five sensory organs.

The subconscious mind collects images through eyes, sounds through ears, smell through the nose, taste through tongue, and sensation through the skin.

But, you can only think in terms of images or sound. You can never think sensation, taste, or smell.

Try to think of your father, you would visualize his image. Try to think of your favorite music video, you would visualize its visual frames or sound of the music.

Now try to think of your favorite food, try to think its taste; you would only visualize its image or the sound of its name. But could you think of its taste?

So, out of five types of information your brain remembers, you can think only in terms of images or sounds.

The Two Ways You Think

You might have the experience of unwanted thoughts. You might also have the experience of over thinking.

When something reactive encounters, you might start to think about it unnecessarily; and you might sometime realize after you have already wasted time.

Thinking can be structured or unstructured.

When you react to a situation and think unknowingly, it is unstructured thinking.

Suppose, you were reading a book, meanwhile you encountered the word motorcycle” in a paragraph of the book, after half an hour you found that you were thinking of a motorcycle race; but you were not reading the book, that you were supposed to do. Here, the word “motorcycle” triggered unstructured thought of motorcycle race in your mind.

Nowadays, you might have observed, some kinds of stupidity goes viral over the internet and people of every nook and cranny start gossiping about it for a few days and make it more viral. The stupidity expires and new stupidity goes viral again.

When the mind is trained to live in the reflective consciousness; any irrelevant social, commercial, or political campaigns may intelligently influence you without your cognizance; and it is happening right now with most of the people, don’t you agree?

When you upgrade your consciousness to respond, instead of reacting; you can start thinking structurally. Structured thinking is also called conscious thinking, where you have the cognizance of:

     ✔ Why you are thinking

     ✔ How you are thinking 

     ✔ What you are thinking

The first step of thinking structurally is to engage the mind; if you don’t engage your mind, the mind will engage itself unknowingly.


When you train your mind to take care of it, whenever unstructured thinking hijacks your mind, the mind itself will let you know about its state, and you can start saving time and become productive in life.  

Do you have any interesting experience or wisdom to share? Do let me know in the comment.

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