Learn All About How You Remember From This Article

Learn All About How You Remember From This Article

You might remember what happens with you 10 years back, but do you remember what you were doing two days ago?

In the social media, you might encounter some romantic memes, “He or she remembers what I said 5 years back, but he or she doesn’t remember what I asked to do yesterday.”

Did you know; why this happens? Why do you remember something so clearly even after 10 to 30 years?

Well, I will let you know about your memory in this article. I hope, you will understand your memory skill at the end of this article.

Our thoughts are the products of our memories, memories are developed in the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind is always in the recording mode, and whatever our five sensory organs encounter attentively, and it gets remembered.

Depending upon the level of engagement of our five senses and the attentive brain, some memories become strong and you forgot the most after a while.

As per the levels of engagement, humans can remember:

     ✔ Extreme Emotion

     ✔ Divergent Information

     ✔ Relational Information

     ✔ Repetition

So, without further delay, let’s get acquitted in detail.

Extreme Emotion

When someone makes you too happy; when someone hurts you badly, the involvement of the mind and body become so strong that you might shed tears, your heart beats fasts, and your attention lets the energy flow only at that direction.

This type of extremeness of emotion lets the mind more focused for the moment; more focus, more involvement, and inclusiveness of energy in one direction let your memory strong for that moment.

That’s why you remember a few incidents of your childhood, the happiness or the hurt your lover made a few years ago; but you don’t remember what you ate 5 days back.

Divergent information

You might remember some uncommon faces you have encountered in life, but it is hard for you to remember the faces of twins.

Suppose you met twins Kelkar and Keklar a few days back for the first time, next time you met them, wouldn’t you get confused who is Kelkar and who is Keklar?

If you have watched the Hollywood film The Dark Knight, I think you will remember the face of the Joker and his famous dialogue “Why so serious?”

When you encounter uncommon things or faces, it gets your attention. When it takes your attention, the involvement of senses and the mind let you remember easily. That’s why you might remember the ugly face of a zombie, you have seen in a film 5 years ago.

Among the following faces, which one is easy to remember? I think the divergent one (Number: 2).

Example of Divergent Information

Relational Information

If you try to remember the spelling of assassination as ASS + ASS + I + NATION, it would be easy to remember, right?

Most of the people are visual learner; you might also easily remember when a message is presented by telling a story. Storytelling or visual learning lets your mind to rewind already stored information.

When you try to remember something by making relation with already stored information, you involve your mind to rewind itself, that involvement helps you to rewire the cognitive map without making a new one for new information, and thus, you can remember easily by making a relation. Computers also use the relational database to increase efficiency, speed, and capacity.


I think we all know how repetition or rehearsal can let you remember.  It is the most time consuming but the easiest way to remember. I think you don’t need examples to know about repetition.

However, did you know what happens when you repeat?

Our memory is kind of a capacitive memory of a digital computer, it needs frequent refreshment to store information for long. When you repeat something, the cognitive maps get refreshed and lets you remember for long.

When there is less involvement of the attentive mind and the body, the probability of getting remembered is very low, that’s why you don’t remember everything you do in life.


Your attention plays a vital role in remembering when you learn how to pay attention, you can learn anything, you can remember anything.

If you are a student, you have to remember too many facts and figures, but you can make some relational to save time and energy.

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