10 Secrets of Success and Happiness

10 Secrets of Success and Happiness

Success and happiness is a state of mind. A kid may feel happy or think successful when his parents buy his desired toy, the same kid may also feel sad when he starts to think that the toy is an outdated one.

To get success and find inner happiness, you need to deal with your mental state so that you can make yourself ready for getting success and move with struggles in the journey of life.

In this article, you will know 10 secrets of success and happiness, so that you can make yourself mentally ready to go beyond your limit.

Here are the 10 secrets of success and happiness to get you started:

1. Engage the Mind to Control it

Quote: Engaging your mind to control it

The mind is always busy while you are awake. When you don’t engage it, it may throw any unnecessary thoughts, emotion or information to load in the processing unit and engages you subconsciously. When you start providing relevant mental food according to your goal and engage it with your cognizance, you become the controller of your mind, rather the mind controls you.

2. Keep Peace of the Mind by Becoming Self-Aware

Quote: Keep Peace of the Mind

When you are aware of yourself, you know what is happening in your brain, whether your subconscious thoughts conquered your mind or you are directing your thoughts for your goal. Becoming aware of yourself also lets you track which food or physical activity is good for your physical as well as mental health.

3. Transform Yourself by Asking Questions to Yourself

Quote: Transform Yourself

Asking question to yourself is the key to improve the crucial skills of formal operation stage of cognitive development. Also, when you start asking questions to yourself, you start to know your strength, weakness, capabilities or possibilities; and start identifying the work that you love to do. Don’t forget to keep the peace of mind while asking questions to yourself; otherwise, the uncontrolled bad memories might haunt you.

4. Learn From Failure by Asking Why and How You Failed

Quote: Learn from failure

When you ask yourself, why and how you failed; your conscious mind will find all the reason of your failure, it will find out what mistakes you did, what made your failure and how you failed. By knowing the reason for your failure, wouldn’t you learn from failure?

5. Get Rid of Fear by Identifying and Accepting the Fear

Quote: Get rid of fear

While you are at the utmost state of vibration, ask yourself what makes you fear; which thought lets you feel the emotion of fear. Fear is a thought process that evokes based on certain stimuli or situation. Suppose, you are afraid of a barking dog; try to recall, in your childhood you might be frightened by a barking dog, and now, whenever you see a barking dog, the thought process loads into your mind to feel you the taste of fear. Whenever thoughts of fear attack you, accept it and divert your awareness to something else or try to see the situation way it is.

6. Get Rid of Anger by Discarding Your Desires

Get rid of anger

You need desires which are relevant to your goal, but it should be also in the limit. When you have any unfulfilled necessary or unnecessary desires, your emotional hormones conquer your intelligence. When a child doesn’t get his desired toy, he might become angry; but an adult can see the world way it is. There is nobody in this world who is able to fulfil all desires; when desires are unfulfilled, accept the reality or try to work on to fulfil it; but getting angry will never solve your problems.

7. Become Dear to Everyone by Discarding the Ego

Quote: Become dear to everyone

Everyone doesn’t like people with too much ego; I think you also don’t like people with too much ego. But, if you also exhibit your ego, how could you assume that people will follow you? People might show fake respect because of the positional power you have for a certain period of time, but personal power comes with becoming dear to everyone. We all are on a journey to this nature for a few years, be compassionate with everyone until the journey ends; nobody will carry any materialistic or non-materialistic product after the journey ends.

8. Feel Loved by Becoming Empathic


Love gives birth to empathy, empathy gives birth to compassion; lust gives birth to desires, desires give birth to anger. When you become the servant of your desires, your mind can’t distinguish between love and lust. When you become empathetic towards animals, you will become joyful by seeing how playful they are, and you feel loved.

9. Motivate Yourself by Reminding Your Failures

If someone motivates you, you will feel motivated as long as the external thought can impact you. As time goes away, the thought will go away and you will become demotivated. Nobody can motivate yourself unless you learn to motivate yourself; learn to remind your goal and failures daily to motivate yourself. Every morning, while you wake up, remind yourself of your goal; the mind will assign you daily tasks automatically. When you feel demotivated, remind yourself your failures, remind yourself, “why and how you failed”, is it that you stopped trying?

10. Make Commitments to Get Success

A believer needs belief to do something great, their belief will let them work knowingly or unknowingly. But, a sceptical mind will always ask questions, “If this is wrong; if I fail etc.” A sceptical mind needs commitments to get success. When you commit yourself to your goal, remind yourself of your goal, and motivate yourself to complete the tasks; success is not far from you.


Apart from these 10 secrets of success and happiness, you need to attentive to what you do, do whatever you do with full focus and compassion. When your attention wanders from here to there, you not only waste the precious time, you also create burdens in the journey of your success.  

Do you have any secret of success or happiness? Do let us know in the comment.

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