Nobody Told You This 5 RULES of Self-Motivation

Nobody Told You This 5 RULES of Self-Motivation

Let me start with a question. 
For how long, you were motivated last time after watching a video of a popular motivational coach?
Be honest while replying to yourself. Probably for a day, or a month! In the meantime, you might get demotivated many times.

This kind of situation happens almost with everyone. And it’s okay. When someone motivates you, they trigger your inner potential to let you become motivated; they just push your energy. However, how long their motivational words would motivate you, they are not always with you or their good words might not be with you when you need it at the time of depression.

When someone motivates you, they start your push-start motivation engine. You might have seen the push-start cars a long time ago, but the cars have adopted self-start technology. Similarly, you also need to activate your self-start motivation engine. But, how?

In this article, I will tell you the 5 golden rules of self-motivation.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Here is the infographic presentation of the 5 golden rules of self-motivation.

5 rules of self-motivation

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Remind Your Goal Every Day

While you wake you every day, how about starting with reminding yourself of your goal and plan your daily tasks. When you plan your daily tasks according to your goal and keep the mind in a direction, the mind keeps itself busy and doesn’t get distracted with the flow around you. 

Technology has made it simple to plan and manage your daily, monthly or quarterly tasks. You may download the Google Tasks Manager and keep your plan ready every day to keep yourself busy and reminding yourself about your goal.

Utilize the Time

Time never waits for your turn, it just gives you a chance to learn and earn. No matter what you do, time is always doing its duty, to keep rolling away. But the question is how to utilize the time. It’s simple, make daily plans and give the mind activity, if you don’t; the mind will give you activity and keep you busy in the thoughts of sorrow, distractions or anything the mind gets from the memory or surroundings.

Limit Your Weakness

Nobody is born strong. We all have physical, emotional and psychological weaknesses and we have to live with it. However, when you limit your weaknesses and don’t let yourself get distracted from the goal statement for unnecessary weakness that may come along with your way, you not only manage your time, you also make a strong presence of yourself.

Eliminate Your Distractions

Distractions are everywhere. Your unwanted past memories, surroundings, social media, cultural or social atmosphere, all of these are sources of distractions. To keep self-motivation, whenever distractions try to hijack your intelligence, you have to discard it for a higher purpose. Otherwise, you might start losing the vital time and energy from your life, which never looks back what you have done. 

Eliminating distractions is a habit of the mind; you have to keep practicing bringing your awareness to your goal statement whenever distractions bring your mind to the unwanted zone, to make it a habit.

Strive for Possibilities

When you strive for possibilities, you will always encounter opportunities. There is no limit of your possibilities, only your mind limits possibilities based upon some subconscious assumptions. Whenever you strive for possibilities, you start seeking the positivity of your life and look beyond your current situation and as a consequence, self-motivation becomes your habit.


Among all the 5 golden rules mentioned above, rule 1, i.e. remind your goal every day is enough to motivate yourself. But, all the rest four rules are the techniques to make yourself ready for self-motivation. Because, no matter what you do, depression is always ready to demotivate you at any time, when you are ready to tackle with demotivation, would you stop yourself from self-motivation?

Do you have any secrets of self-motivation? Please do let us know in the comment. 

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